Our Story

Sun Brothers Naturals, LLC was founded by brothers and Appleton natives Kirk and Kendall Vosters.  

We are a diversified fruit and vegetable farm in Appleton, WI.

We started in 2010 from a shared devotion to appropriate stewardship of the land and purer cleaner food.  

2012 brought our first unheated greenhouse(hoophouse).  

In Fall of 2013 we moved to a new location, added a heated greenhouse and a movable hoophouse on wheels as well as another 1.5 acres and our first tractor.  This move allowed for necessary expansion of the farm.

In 2014 we began establishing a small orchard of a diverse selection of perennial tree fruits.  We are adding to our pastured chicken flock.

We are excited for what 2015 will bring, especially new season-extending structures.

Farming Practices

All of our produce is 100% organically-grown, we never use chemicals of any kind.  The focal point of our practices is on soil fertility which we achieve through composting, crop rotation, cover-crops, compost teas, and mulches.  On our farm you'll see many hard-to-find heirlooms as well as varieties selected for pest and disease resistance, never GMOs.  We believe in small-scale intensive production because of the quality of food it creates and the relationships it builds. 

Some of our inspirations include Joel Salatin, Eliot Coleman, Michael Pollan, Michael Phillips, Norb Vosters, Paul Stamets, and Rick Pynenberg

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